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  • You Can Now Go to the Movies in Beijing, But It's Complicated

    By Justine Lopez, July 27, 2020

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    Some movie theaters in Beijing officially reopened on Friday, Xinhua reports. But it goes without saying that going to the cinema in this COVID-19 era is slightly more complicated than usual. 

    There a lot of new rules to follow. Customers must pre-purchase their tickets and fill out a travel history form online. At the cinema, guests must wear masks, have their temperatures checked and follow social distancing measures. Moviegoers are prohibited from eating or drinking inside the theater as concessions are closed. In order to ensure safety theaters will operate at a 30% capacity. Each theater will close for 30 minutes between each show in order to allow for proper cleaning. 

    Movie buffs can currently choose from 39 films – both domestic and international – including Dolittle and Bloodshot. 1917 and Sonic the Hedgehog will premier in select theaters on July 31. Unfortunately, only cinemas in low-risk parts of Beijing are currently open. 

    Beijing has not reported any locally transmitted COVID-19 cases in 21 days allowing the city to lower its risk level to III.

    Beijing closed 262 movie theaters in late January due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  

    [Cover image via SimonQ錫濛譙 on Flickr]

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