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  • Jing-A's 8x8 Brewing Project Returns With An All-China Lineup

    By That's Beijing, August 21, 2020

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    Calling all craft beer fanatics! Jing-A’s 8x8 Brewing Project is back for another boozy weekend of nothing but craft beer (and food... but mostly craft beer). The festival will take place on Friday, October 16 and Saturday, October 17. 


    This time around, they’re keeping it national with sixteen picks from all over China. Eight legendary breweries will be paired up with eight up-and-coming newbies to create eight unique brews for your sampling pleasure. Aside from the special creations, each brewery will be slinging some of their own beers too! 


    Get your buzz on with local favorites from Slow Boat Brewery and Jing-A, of course, along with traveling brews from Wumu (Xi’an), Maha Nine (Hohhot), DaoBrew (Chengdu), No. 18 Brewery (Wuhan), Master Gao Brewing Co. (Nanjing), Hopscraft (Chongqing), Craft Head (Shenzhen) and more.

    The two-day beer extravaganza will be held at Langyuan Vintage and split up into four three-hour sessions, with 40 free-flow beers available at each session. Gotta taste ’em all? Attend all four! 


    Once again, you can expect local food vendors dishing out your favorite snacks, a live DJ spinning tunes, a tattoo station and even massages on-site to keep the party going.

    The best news yet? Tickets are now on sale! Grab them right here.

    Check out the full poster below:


    [Images courtesy of Jing-A] 

    Fri Oct 16 & Sat Oct 17, various times; RMB150-650. Langyuan Vintage, see event listing. Buy tickets here.

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