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  • WIN! 8-Pack of Delicious Nice Cream Treats

    By That's Beijing, August 31, 2020

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    Boy, have we got a sweet treat for ice cream lovers: Nice Cream is giving six lucky That’s Beijing readers a pack of the cool (and healthy!) summer treat. Each pack includes 8 cartons of ice cream.


    Made with imported Australian milk and fresh French cream, Nice Cream knows that high-quality ingredients make all the difference. Plus, with no added artificial colors or preservatives, 50% less calories and more than 70% less sugar and fat, Nice Cream is a guilt-free treat. 


    Enjoy scoop after scoop of creative flavors like Very Strawberry, Nice Matcha, Choc Pearl, Brown Sugar Milk Tea and Mango Passionfruit.



    Nice Cream is offering a pack of ice cream to six That’s Beijing readers. The lucky winners will be picked on September 7!

    For your chance to win, join the That’s Beijing Fan Club Group on WeChat. 

    Scan the QR code below to be added to the WeChat group. Simply message ‘That’s Beijing’ to be added.

    That's Beijing WeChat

    Once you’ve joined, further instructions on how to win this delicious prize will be posted in the group.

    [All images courtesy of Nice Cream]

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