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  • Hong Kong Extends Quarantine for Arrivals Into June

    By Rakini Bergundy, April 29, 2020

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    If you’re on the Chinese mainland, it looks like a quick trip to Hong Kong will remain out of reach. The mandatory quarantine on arrivals who have been to the Chinese mainland, Macao or Taiwan in the past 14 days was set to expire on May 7. However, the special administrative region has now extended the period for another month, until June 7. 

    The annoucement was made on April 28 by the Food and Health Department of Hong Kong. Persons exempted from the 14-day quarantine include “cross-boundary students including students at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools or relevant staff working for students and those who benefit Hong Kong’s economy, or provide professional services,” as reported by Xinhua

    The rule has been in effect since February 8, and although HKSAR official Sophia Chan noted that the Chinese mainland has flattened the curve on the COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong is taking steps to mitigate the risk “of a possible second round of infection caused by cross-boundary traffic and imported cases from overseas.” For international travelers arriving in Hong Kong, the quarantine program will be in effect until June 18. 

    As for those of you in Hong Kong looking to reenter the Chinese mainland, there is currently no set date for when non-Chinese nationals can enter the country.

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    [Cover image via Unsplash]

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