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  • WATCH: Fireworks Factory Explosion Injures 6 in Southwest China

    By Rakini Bergundy, July 9, 2020

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    Last night, a fireworks factory in Sichuan’s Guanghan city exploded around 9.10pm, injuring six people, as reported by People’s Daily. Those injured, including two critically wounded, are currently receiving treatment in hospital.

    The loud, thundering explosions cast a yellow-orange smoke plume into the night sky followed by the faint crackle of fireworks. In videos posted online by onlookers, the explosions can be seen in the distance, and reverberated into homes up to 2 kilometers away.

    Watch below to see the incident unfold (VPN off):

    The local fire department immediately dispatched 27 vehicles and 83 personnel from neighboring stations, who quickly arrived on the scene. Due to the constant eruptions, the firefighters were forced to stay 500 meters away from the blasts. As of 6am the following day, all flames were extinguished, but the cause of the explosions still remains unclear.

    The aftermath can be seen in the video below (VPN off): 

    Just a week earlier, a deadly explosion occured at a fireworks factory in northwest Turkey, killing four and injuring almost 100 people. China is the largest manufacturer of fireworks in the world – producing 90% of the global supply, with most produced in the Liuyang, the eastern-most city of Hunan province.

    [Cover image via Meibao News]

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