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  • Get Ready for This New Movie Featuring the Great City of Guangzhou

    By That's GBA, July 10, 2020

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    Everyone loves a good movie – especially when its about your city! 

    Tune in on July 20 for the premiere of Welcome to Guangzhou 2020, a short 10-minute film that highlights Guangzhou’s rapid development over the past two decades. The story follows Alex, an Argentinean businessman, who returns to the City of Five Rams after 15 years and rediscovers Canton’s charm. 


    The short movie stars Raul Pardeilhan (Alex) and Ajla Vivian (Maria), in addition to the supporting cast. The film is directed by Mohamed Elsayed, an Egyptian national who grew up in Guangdong’s capital city, and includes a dynamic team that capitalizes on what makes Guangzhou such a special place. “I wish to share what I’ve learned in Guangzhou during the last 20 years via storytelling to all the world,” Elsayed tells That’s ahead of the premiere. 

    Welcome to Guangzhou 2020 will be available on various media platforms, including Tudou, Bilibili, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The short film will also be aired on TV in Argentina, Egypt and Spain.

    [Cover image via promoter]

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