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  • Here's a Great Monthly Coffee Membership Deal for Zhuhai Dwellers

    By That's GBA, August 13, 2020

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    Zhuhai Marriott Hotel is launching a special monthly coffee card, with an average price of RMB9.6 per cup, truly invigorating you in the morning.


    The China Baking Company was built on the ground floor of Zhuhai Marriott Hotel’s lobby, and is the prime location for this deal. The comfortable floor height is matched with ocean blue chandeliers, large area French window reflected full of gold and warmness during sunsets. 

    Marble and champagne couches are spread across the room where more than 60 people can sit and enjoy various flavorful snacks, desserts and beverages. Fresh ground coffee is one of our most popular beverages, and one of the star products of the lobby bar – rich in taste and aroma. 

    As one of the three major beverages in the world, coffee is no longer an ordinary drink, but a social culture, a sense of ritual and a spiritual event.


    The monthly coffee card from Zhuhai Marriott Hotel provides variety of flavors for you to choose from. Having a favorite coffee in the morning, enjoy the exquisite garnish and taste the aroma of coffee. Whether it is the bitterness of life or the troubles of work, it can be resolved with a cup of Joe.


    The coffee in the lobby lounge is made by Illy coffee beans. The coffee has a delicate taste, with a fresh and smooth cocoa flavor and the elegant aroma of hazelnut and toast.


    Get the coffee monthly card so you can taste a variety of fresh coffee including: Americano, Iced coffee, Latte, Mocha etc.


    Not only that, monthly card users can also enjoy a 20% discount on all kinds of cakes made by China Baking Company.


    See listing for Zhuhai Marriott Hotel.

    [Images provided by Zhuhai Marriott Hotel]

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