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  • Dr. Curry

    Last Updated: 20/01/2020 | Posted by: cristinang
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    1797 Huaihai Zhong Lu, by Wanping Lu
    淮海中路1797號, 近宛平路
    Metro Station
    Shanghai Library, Line 10
    199 4578 8067
    Open daily, 11am-8pm

    Dr. Curry Description

    An adorably-sized two-story storefront on Huahai Zhong Lu that is devoted to Japanese Curry. The offerings are limited to curry rice (RMB50/small, RMB70/large) or udon noodles (RMB60) – with several customizations. Plates of warm short-grain Akitakomachi rice come from the kitchen window topped with tender chunks of stewed beef (RMB60/small, RMB88/large), crispy pork katsu (RMB60/small, RMB85/large) or vegetables (RMB60/small, RMB80/large). 

    Price: RMB80-100
    Who’s Going: Hiro-san fans, curry lovers, cool locals
    Good For: Lunch, early dinner, budgets

    Map of Dr. Curry

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