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  • 9 Intimates to Keep You Cool and Feelin' Sexy

    By Rakini Bergundy, August 14, 2020

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    How long have you had that same pair of black underwear for? It’s definitely time for an upgrade.  

    1. Baopals


    Price: RMB218.94
    Scan the QR code to purchase:


    2. Neiwai  


    Founded in 2012, Shanghai-based Neiwai is focused on selling lightweight, wireless bras that “respect how a woman’s body feels.”
    Price: RMB199
    Scan with the Taobao app to purchase:


    3. Sirloin


    Sirloin’s slogan is ‘stupid elegance’ and its undergarments can be worn as outerwear as well.
    Price: RMB389
    Scan the QR code to purchase:


    4. Sirloin 


    Price: RMB424
    Scan the QR code to purchase.


    5. Neiwai


    Price: RMB169/pack of three
    Scan with the Taobao app to purchase:


    6. La Perla 


    Price: RMB1,800
    Scan with the Taobao app to purchase:


    7. La Perla 


    Price: RMB4,600
    Scan the QR code to purchase:


    8. Uniqlo


    Price: RMB35
    Scan the QR code to purchase:


    9. Uniqlo 


    Price: RMB40
    Scan the QR code to purchase:


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    [Cover image compiled by Felix Chan/That’s]

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