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  • The 10 Best Things to do This Weekend in Shanghai

    By That's, August 20, 2020

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    That's Shanghai takes a look at the best of the weekend

    Fri Aug 21: Thijs’ Birthday at Tacolicious

    Image via promoter

    It’s time to sing that ‘Happy Birthday’ as co-founder and executive chef of Tacolicious is turning a year older, no less wise, but even more talented than ever in the kitchen. He’s got some Dutch recipes up his sleeves to showcase his roots; enjoy delicious snacks like Saucijzenbroodjes, Frietje Special, Patatje Orrlog and Bitterballen. On the hydration side, RMB100 gets you three selected drinks, plus Corona and Vedett Playa will be on Happy Hour all night.

    Fri Aug 21, 6pm-Late. Tacolicious. Room 104-105, 34 Yuyao Lu, by Xikang Lu余姚路34號1幢104-105室, 近西康路.  See event listing.

    Fri Aug 21: Four Hands Dinner

    Image via promoter

    Come out for a sensual evening of food and wine as Chefs Austin Hu and Danyi Gao will be preparing some amazingly unique dishes for one night only. There are 8-courses total, so if you're a foodie, this one is for you. 

    Fri Aug 21, 6pm. Heritage by Madison. 107, N1, 600 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, by Dongmen Lu中山東二路600號BFC外灘金融中心北區一層N1棟107, 近東門路. See event listing.

    Fri Aug 21: Jams & Jerseys

    Image via promoter

    Baller Alert! Dust off your favorite sports jersey and flex your best Jordans at UP Shanghai’s first sports-themed party event! Pull UP before 11pm to participate in shoot out games and/or the beer pong tournament with a chance to win exclusive prizes, drinks and more. 

    Fri Aug 21. UP Shanghai. 2/F, 688 Shaanxi Bei Lu, by Wuding Lu陜西北路688號2樓, 近武定路. See event listing.

    Fri Aug 21: Fiesta Party

    Image via promoter

    It's all things Latin at FIESTA Friday night at HAVANA Chino Latino. Get down to Latin beats from DJ Tuto and ogle at the Latino dancers performance.
    Fri Aug 21, 10pm-Late. Havana Chino Latino Bar.  5/F, 20 Donghu Lu, by Huaihai Zhong Lu東湖路20號5樓, 近淮海中路. See event listing.

    Fri Aug 21: Night Flight

    Image via promoter

    Night Flight is dedicated to old school trance and progressive house, brought to you by Shanghai trance scene veteran Calvin Z. Take off from our world into the parallel universe of music.

    Fri Aug 21, Late until Even Later. Celia Club. 298 Xingfu Lu, Pingwu Lu幸福路298號,近平武路. See event listing.

    Sat-Sun Aug 22-23: Jing’an Courtyard Festival

    Image via promoter

    Prepare to feast on amazing food at the Jing'an Courtyard Festival, where you can hang out while sipping on cold beer, G&T's or non-alcoholic juices. Shop at the Craft Market and get eco-friendly at the Eco-Street, while your kids play in the kids’ area!

    Sat Aug 22 2-10pm; Sun Aug 23, 2-9pm. Zeitgeist Barvarian Eatery and Bar. 555 Haifang Lu, by Xikang Lu海防路555號, 近西康路. See event listing.

    Sat Aug 22: Fifty Shades of Party

    Image via promoter

    Fifty Shades of Party will be an epiphany of sounds that will bring together a harmonious mix of music, smooth vibes and swanky ambiance. Enjoy the evening filled with friends, great cocktails, good times and amazing memories to be cherished for weeks to come.

    Sat Aug 22, 9pm-Late. Club3 1/3. 1/F, Three on the Bund, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, by Guangdong Lu外灘三號, 1樓, 中山東一路3號, 近廣東路. See event listing.

    Sat Aug 22: Save the Mauritius Reef

    Image via promoter

    Japanese tanker Wakashio hit a coral reef off Mauritius on July 25 and has continued to leak oil into the Indian Ocean ever since. Okra will be hosting a fundraising event this Saturday to support the reef, with
    100% of sales on the day to be donated to an NGOs working towards the cleaning of the ocean and the rehabilitation of endemic animals vulnerable to this ecological disaster.

    Sat Aug 22. Okra, 2-8pm. 683 Julu Road, near South Shanxi Road巨鹿路683,近陜西南路. See event listing.

    Sat Aug 22: Summer Foam Party

    Image via promoter

    That’s Shanghai has joined forces with Cages to get all bubbly on a sultry Shanghai summer night, with regular foam cannon action. The legendary DJ Bridget returns to the decks with a classic-packed set so you can dance the night away.

    Sat Aug 22, 9pm-Late. Cages Bar and Sports. 3/F, Jing'an Sports Center, 428 Jiangning Lu, by Wuding Lu江寧路428號靜安體育中心3樓, 近武定路. See event listing.

    Sun Aug 23: Girls Who Raise the Bar

    Image via promoter

    Crimson Pangolin has teamed up with Union Trading this Sunday to launch their brand new initiative: Girls Who Raise the Bar. This is a project that helps support talented female bartenders in China by providing them a platform to showcase their skills and become recognized for their craft.

    Sun Aug 23, 8pm-Midnight. Union Trading Company. No.2, 64 Fengyang Lu, by Fuxing Zhong Lu汾陽路64弄2號, 近復興中路. See event listing.

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    [Cover Image via Pixabay]

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