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  • Five Tasty Western Lunches for Under ¥55

    By Sophie Steiner, August 31, 2020

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    There’s nothing worse than taking a brown paper bag out of the fridge at lunch, pulling out a cold, unappetizing sandwich or some sad leftovers and trying to will yourself to get through the second half of the day at the office. If it’s a cheap lunch you’re after in Shanghai, mom and pop noodle and rice shops are a dime a dozen. But, with borders closed for so long, everyone’s getting that Western food itch that can no longer be ignored (or mollified via said brown bag lunch). Save those rambos for big weekends while still satisfying your cravings by checking out some of our favorite Western lunch specials that clock in at RMB55 or less. 


    Image by Sophie Steiner/That's 

    Dodu recently launched their 2.0 Express Lunch Boxes, excellent for satiating your French food fix at lunch (11am-3pm, Monday-Friday) for an insanely reasonable price. Succulent, perfectly tender, crispy skinned, free-range chickens are the absolute star of the show at Dodu, and we will happily consume them in any form possible. 

    Dodu offers them up in three different ‘lunch box’ options: the Feeling Hungry (RMB38), a heaping plate of pulled chicken, fondant potatoes and onions and fragrant rice; the Feeling Healthy (RMB38), another heaping plate of pulled chicken accompanied by healthy grains and herbs, green beans and carrots; or the On-the-Go Sandwich (RMB48), a crispy baguette layered with pulled chicken, Emmental cheese, melting onions and fresh herbs. Seriously, this is the best roasted chicken in Shanghai. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are most definitely missing out. 


    Image by Sophie Steiner/That's 

    It’s no contest; for awesome pizza you go to Homeslice. No matter the time of day, be it 1pm or 1am, a freshly warmed slice is always a great choice. That choice is even better when discounted; every Monday to Friday from 11am-2pm Homeslice offers any regular slice of pizza and a soft drink for RMB35. For most of us, it’s impossible to stop at just one, they also offer a second slice for an additional RMB20. Probably the best RMB20 you’ll spend all day.  


    Image provided by Perch

    If it’s a day that ends in ‘y’, Perch probably has some sort of special going on, and weekday lunch is no exception. Every Tuesday to Friday from 11am-2pm, choose from 10 options that are all RMB48 or less, including breakfast fare like Eggs Benedict and Avocado Toast or lunch classics like a Club Sandwich or Salmon Baguette with fries. All food options come with a complimentary coffee, tea, juice or soda, and for RMB10 more, you can choose to upgrade to a ‘business lunch set’ with your choice of a soup or side salad. 


    Image by Sophie Steiner/That's 

    The Camel has found a brand spanking new home on Xiangyang Lu, just north of Xinle Lu, and along with this new ‘hood, comes a fresh lunch menu. With over 10 options to choose from for just RMB48 (including an iced tea or juice), the Camel covers all the bases every Monday to Friday from 11am to 2pm. From salads to burgers to tacos to grilled cheese to wraps, with sports on the telly, beers flowing on tap, and all the regulars filling the hightops and booths, it’s like walking into a small town sports bar in Middle America- the epitome of comfort if it’s Western lunch you’re craving. 

    Habit Burger

    Image by Sophie Steiner/That's 

    In the never ending debate of which burger reigns supreme in Shanghai, Habit Burger holds a special place in our hearts as a top notch, thick, juicy, fast food option. Every day of the week Habit offers their version of a McDonald’s Happy Meal, including a charburger, fries, free flow soft drinks or beyond addicting iced tea. And, best of all, a help-yourself hot pepper bar with unlimited chili peppers, jalapenos, and pepperoncinis for just RMB52. Since this deal is available from 10.30am to 9pm, you can enjoy your Habit Burger meal no matter how early or late you choose to lunch. 

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