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  • New Shenzhen Restaurants: November 2019

    By That's Shenzhen, November 6, 2019

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    Here are all the new restaurant and bar openings we featured in our November 2019 issue:


    To start off the night, we ordered a fail-safe option, chips and guac (RMB75). The guacamole tasted fresh, had the right amount of zest and came with plenty of chips for dipping. For our mains, we had an order of four tacos, split evenly between pastor and beef (RMB75-95). 

    Image by That’s

    The soft tacos came packed with lip-smacking seasoned meat and a generous sprinkle of cilantro and onions. To temper the hot sauce that we were dabbing onto our tacos, we tried the ‘Horchata Water’ (RMB30), which is best described as a milky cinnamon-flavored beverage, served cold. The carnitas (RMB105) were also recommended by our server and were essentially braised pulled pork simmering in its own juices and tucked away in tinfoil, with tortillas served on the side. Simply delicious. 

    Price: RMB150-200
    Who’s going: festive friends, carnitas-loving couples
    Good for: authentic home-cooking, tacos al pastor, tequila
    Nearest metro: Shopping Park Station (Exit B), 4 minutes’ walk

    Read our full review here. See listing for Hola


    The menu is divided into three sections: There’s meals if you’re riding solo, small sharing plates or feasts for larger groups. Full disclosure: We’re not the biggest fans of tomatoes but the seasonal tomato salad (RMB65) has us sold. The ripe tomatoes are paired with fresh curd, apricot and basil sauces. 

    Next, we move onto the ‘Kinda Healthy Chicken’ (RMB105), which contrary to its name is actually a moist, juicy pheasant. This is not the most adventurous dish on the menu but is delicious and sure to please. If you’re looking for something casual, Corvidae offers four different types of bao (RMB30 for one or RMB100 for four). We’d recommend the fried chicken bao or the pork belly bao

    baos.jpgImage by Phoebe Kut/That’s

    For the adventurous palate, venison tartare (RMB65) with white truffle is a prime option. Don’t be startled by the appearance, the meat is fresh and makes for a nice, light appetizer. 

    corvidae-dessert.jpgImage by Phoebe Kut/That’s

    Price: RMB150
    Who’s going: hungry urbanites, yuppies
    Good for: sweet and savory bao, fried chicken
    Nearest metro: Shopping Park Station (Exit D), 4 minutes’ walk

    Read our full review here. See listing for Corvidae

    3. Roots House

    What pairs best with the smooth soulful rhythms of jazz? An equally pleasing drink in hand, of course. This spot has an extensive drinks menu, where you’ll find wines, cocktails, Irish whiskeys and all that jazz. 

    Image by That’s

    To start the night off, we ask for something sweet, and so ‘The Rose’ (RMB98) is first to arrive. The Rose is named after Bette Middler’s namesake single and boy oh boy, is it sweet. Right from the get-go we detect the familiar scent of cinnamon whiskey. Ah, yes. Our old friend, Fireball. The spirit forms the base for the cocktail, and when mixed with a whole ’lotta rose and ginger syrup, the outcome is one of the sweetest beverages we’ve ever tasted – there’s no subtlety here.  

    Next, we try the ‘Beijing Workers Stadium’ (RMB108). The actual stadium in reference is a multi-purpose venue that hosts sporting events and concerts (including some jazz ones?). The drink comes with a hawthorn garnish and a red star at the bottom of the glass. Though this cocktail innocently looks like an Aperol Spritz, don’t be fooled: a 96% ABV Polish vodka is the main ingredient. Yes, this one will give you a kick alright.

    Price: RMB128
    Who’s going: those in need of a stiff drink at the end of a long week, the avant garde
    Good for: live music, cultural exploration, strong cocktails
    Nearest metro: Huaqiaocheng Station (Exit A), 17 minutes’ walk  

    Read our full review here. See listing for Roots House

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    [Cover image by That’s]

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