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  • New Shenzhen Restaurants: January 2020

    By That's Shenzhen, January 9, 2020

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    Here are all the restaurants and bars we featured in our January 2020 issue


    Image via Helianthus

    Helianthus is a little slice of Italy located in a quaint local area just north of Lianhuashan Park. The vibrant and cozy shop mainly focuses on Italian desserts but also serves up delicious pizzas made without additives or preservatives. Diego, who is originally from Northern Italy, has over 36 years of experience in Italian kitchens and spent the past two years working in Shanghai. 

    Although the store’s primary focus was on desserts and pastries, shortly after opening they were barraged with requests for pizza and pasta as well. While pasta isn’t an option yet, their 9-inch pizzas come in eight different forms, including vegetarian-friendly margherita (RMB35) and spinach ricotta (RMB35). We decide to try a meaty option, the Salame (RMB50), and a salt-lovers’ favorite, the Romana (RMB35), which contains capers, anchovies and olives. We first tuck into the Salame which comes topped with pepperoni. The thin-crust pizza is simply delightful – and we quickly gobble up the whole pie, including the crust. 

    Price: RMB50
    Who’s going: foodies in the know, those reminiscing about their Euro trip
    Good for: homemade authentic gelato, pastries, personal pies
    Nearest metro: Lianhua North (Exit A2), 7 minutes’ walk

    Read our full review here. See listing for Helianthus

    The Glasshouse

    Image courtesy of Park Hyatt Shenzhen

    Even before Park Hyatt Shenzhen opened their doors to guests earlier this year, there was excitement for months on end in anticipation of the luxury hotel’s official launch. Among local foodies, there was serious interest in regards to which delightful palate-pleasers would emerge out of the hotel kitchens. 

    The badge of a five-star establishment comes with expectations to deliver delicious, innovative plates, and The Glasshouse at Park Hyatt Shenzhen does just that. Situated on the 47th floor with stunning views overlooking the city, The Glasshouse is a contemporary steak and seafood restaurant headed by an Australian executive chef, Dallas Cuddy. Cuddy arrives with an impressive resume, having trained in numerous Michelin-honored kitchens in addition to heading restaurants in London, Melbourne, Singapore and Bangkok. 

    The Glasshouse focuses primarily on Western fine dining and places importance on sustainability by choosing local ingredients and working with certified sustainable fisheries. 

    Price: RMB800-1,000
    Who’s going: refined palates, business travelers
    Good for: premium cuts of grass- and grain-fed meat, seafood galore
    Nearest metro: Shopping Park (Exit E), 5 minutes’ walk  

    Read our full review here. See listing for The Glasshouse

    Nayuki’s Fantasy Factory

    Nayuki, a popular tea slash bakery chain, has opened its first megastore in Nanshan’s Coastal City mall. Born and bred in Shenzhen, Nayuki’s newest concept – dubbed Nayuki Fantasy Factory – expands its repertoire to include an international selection of baked goods, cakes, steaks and, yes, even craft beers on tap. 

    Image via That’s

    While this may seem a bit all over the place, Shenzheners are (literally) eating it up. We visit on a Saturday afternoon and the store is absolutely packed. The 1,000 square meters of space is divided into multiple areas: a bakery, two bars, a fruit tea bar, arcade games and a retail section. 

    Price: RMB80
    Who’s going: millennials, tea lovers, gamers
    Good for: hanging out, tea time, casual brews
    Nearest metro: Houhai (Exit H), 4 minutes’ walk

    Read our full review here. See listing for Nayuki’s Fantasy Factory

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