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  • Taco Bell is Opening (Again) in Shenzhen!

    By Rakini Bergundy, March 18, 2020

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    Spotted! A Taco Bell in the midst of construction at one of Shenzhen’s main malls, Coco Park. It looks like the American fast food giant is about to set up shop in Shenzhen. 

    Image via Zia Chaudhary

    In 2015, Taco Bell announced its expansion plans to open 1,000 stores overseas by 2020. Enter 2020, and looks like Taco Bell is ready to take a chance on South China once again. 

    Owned by Yum! Brands, the Mexican-themed fast food chain first opened two restaurants in Shanghai in 2003, followed by two more in Shenzhen. These ‘version 1’ Taco Bells were named ‘Taco Bell Grande’ which were viewed as more upscale than their North-American counterparts, as they served booze plus an extended menu. Unfortunately, all four branches closed up shop in 2008. 

    Eight years later, Taco Bell reentered China and cememented itself in Shanghai with seven locations across the major metropolis. The new locations offer beers on tap, modern decor and endless delicious Mexi-fusion options. 

    In Shenzhen, Mexican fare has grown in popularity throughout the years, many prominent local establishments serve up badass burritos, tacos and tipples. So what are your thoughts, will you be seeing what all the buzz is about? Let your yuan do the talking, friends.  

    READ MORE: Taco Bell Opens Not One, But Two New Branches in Puxi

    [Cover image via Taco Bell/Facebook]

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