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  • The 6 Best Things to Do This Weekend in Shenzhen

    By That's GBA, August 7, 2020

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    That’s Shenzhen takes a look at the best of the weekend: 

    Fri-Sun, Aug 7-9: Singularity Art Festival 2020


    An epic art show and exhibition with lots of manga and video game art. Discover new artists (both visual and musical) at this three-day extravaganza.

    Fri-Sun, Aug 7-9, 11am-9pm (Fri-Sat), 11am-8.30pm (Sun), various prices. OCT Harbour. 8 Baishi Lu, Nanshan District 南山區白石路8號. See event listingTickets.

    Fri-Sun, Aug 7-9: G&G Block Party


    This week, celebrate Teddy (a little pup)’s birthday with cake, watch live performances and enjoy a whole lot of other fun deals from various G&G vendors. PS the dress code is blue  if you wear blue you can get even more discounts!

    Fri-Sun Aug 7-9, 4.30-10.30pm; free entry. G&G Creative Community. 9 Liyuan Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District 南山區蛇口荔園路9號. See event listing.

    Fri, Aug 7: Language Mix 


    This week’s Language Mix theme is ‘staycation.’ Put on your best vacation wear (although Shenzhen is always warm, when are you not wearing shorts?) and practice a new language with friends. One drink is included with your ticket.

    Fri Aug 7, 7.30-11pm; RMB50 early bird, RMB55 at door. Jazz Garden. Window of the World, Nanshan District 南山區世界之窗歐陸風情街5號 爵士花園餐吧. See event listing. Scan the QR code on the poster for tickets.

    Sat, Aug 8: TEDxShenzhenLive

    Screen-Shot-2020-07-31-at-2_26_15-PM.pngImage via TEDxShenzhen

    The theme of this one-day event is the ‘Uncharted and Unknown.’ There will be three sessions, each limited to 30 people and nine speakers on the program. 

    Sat Aug 8, 11am; RMB50. CFuture Lab 37/F Zhongzhou Daxia, 3088 Jintian Lu, Futian District 福田區金田路3088號中洲大廈37F. See event listing. Tickets.

    Sat, Aug 8: Domesticated Humans Live Improv Comedy Show


    It’s been a while since you last saw this group hit the stage, but they are sure you’ll enjoy yourself at this long-awaited show! The cast includes Steven, Aaron, Belle, Laura, Ryan and Tracy.

    Sat Aug 8, 7.30pm; RMB80 advance, RMB100 at door. McCawley’s Seaworld. Shop 118, 32 Taizi Lu, Nanshan District 南山區太子路32號海上世界廣場118號. See event listing. Scan the QR code on the poster for tickets.

    Sat, Aug 8: Culture @ Jazz Garden


    Culture is an authentic Afro-Caribbean party experience. The genres of dancehall and reggae are at the forefront of the event while including elements of popular music genres such as pop, Afrobeat, hip hop, rap and soca. What are you waiting for? Get your ticket now and experience ‘the culture!’

    Sat Aug 8, 9pm; RMB150 advance, RMB200 at door. Jazz Garden. Window of the World, Nanshan District 南山區世界之窗歐陸風情街5號 爵士花園餐吧. See event listing. Add WeChat ID: DaneilliaCargill_107 for tickets.

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    [Cover image via promoter 1, 2, G&G Creative Community, TEDxShenzhen]

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