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  • We Finally Tried the New Taco Bell in Shenzhen

    By Rakini Bergundy, August 11, 2020

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    For this Taco Bell excursion, we decided to bring along Summer, who’s from North Carolina in the US. A true Taco Bell connoisseur, she went to Taco Bell a fair amount back in her UNC days at Chapel Hill.

    When we enter Taco Bell, we’re pleasantly surprised by the modern, dark decor – kinda like the fancy Pizza Hut locations you find in China but with purple accents. The hostess kindly instructs us to order from a tablet on the counter or scan to order at the tables. 


    Taco Bell is currently running a summer crayfish promotion (on until September) where you can get crayfish stuffed in a hard shell taco or in a power bowl. What we also noticed were the alcohol options on offer (draft beer and cocktails from RMB28-32), soft serve ice cream (RMB12) and churros (RMB12 for two). Sadly, the Crunchwrap Supreme was nowhere to be seen. 

    Two Taco Supreme Combo (RMB49) 

    DSC01758.jpgOur lunchtime spread presented in brown paper.

    DSC01752.jpgThe hard shell taco consists of beef, and the soft shell has chicken. 

    Hard shell: “Ah, tastes just like home. Just like those 3am drive-throughs. Fries are good, crispy and dusted with seasoning mix.” 

    Soft shell: “I don’t know about this, it looks like a pita. Why is it in pita bread? The picture didn’t look like this… it’s also a bit too creamy and full of cheese” 

    Lemon tea: “Doesn’t taste powdered and artificial, dare I say it tastes natural.”

    Crayfish Hard Shell Taco (RMB29)

    Crayfish Hard Shell Taco and Churros

    “Tastes like a poor man’s fish taco. At least the shellfish is peeled, if you like crayfish at least the work is done for you. Comes paired with a tangy sauce.”

    Chicken Quesadilla (RMB29)

    Four pieces with your order.

    A safe option. Packed with cheese and chicken, no frills. 

    Churros (RMB12 for two)

    Plain but delicious.

    “They’re good. Crispy on the outside and soft inside, but nothing to dip with. In the picture it shows sugar dusting, but too bad there’s no chocolate sauce, sugar or dulce de leche with it.”

    White Peach Oolong Tea (RMB20)

    Why is it so foamy? 

    Ordered this thinking it would be fizzy, but just a floral peachy oolong tea. For some reason the foam was quite thick. 

    Our verdict? We’d go back if we were in the neighborhood for a quick, convenient meal or some late night munchies.

    See listing for Taco Bell

    [All images via That’s]

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