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  • Where to Celebrate Chinese Valentine's Day 2020 in Shenzhen

    By That's PRD, August 21, 2020

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    They say that if you truly love someone, then every day is Valentine’s Day. We beg to differ, because, frankly, it’s not every day that you can attend romance-fueled events and take advantage of epic hotel deals. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best, most romantic ways that you can spend Qixi, otherwise known as Chinese Valentine’s Day.

    Compass Bar by Curator

    A set menu of four courses with an apertif will be served. For starters, pan-seared foie gras, followed by lobster and cod fish ravioli, a main of monkfish or slow cooked short rib and for dessert morello cherries religieuse. 

    Aug 25, 6-9pm; RMB588/person. Compass Bar

    Element Fresh

    Element Fresh will be featuring Beef Wellington and sea bass on their Qixi menu this year. Click here to see the menu options.

    Aug 21-25, RMB350-468/couple. Element Fresh.


    The evening begins with a selection of exquisite appetizers, starting with tea-smoked eel, briny French oysters with seaweed jelly, followed by luxurious caviar to share with your loved one. Head Chef Miles Pundsack-Poe selects the most unique seasonal ingredients from China, such as octopus from South China, Shantou whelk, Dalian abalone and Shiqi pigeon, and transforms them into decadent dishes through intriguing combinations and innovative cooking techniques. A delicate plum rose is gifted to all couples to mark this special night.

    Aug 24-25, 5.30pm; RMB5,200/couple. Ensue

    InterContinental Shenzhen Dameisha Resort

    The resort is offering various drink and food promotions for couples on this special night. Click here for all the options. All ladies wearing blue will also get a free Dameisha blue ocean-themed cocktail when entering the venue on the night.

    Aug 25, RMB198-5,200/couple. InterContinental Shenzhen Dameisha Resort.

    Park Hyatt Shenzhen

    All of Park Hyatt’s restaurants are offering special Qixi promotions. Dinner for two at the Garden Pavilion and the Glasshouse is RMB1,999, while afternoon tea at the Living Room is RMB699/two persons. Search ‘深圳柏悅酒店’ and click on the Mini Program in WeChat to reserve. 

    Aug 25, various prices. Park Hyatt Shenzhen.

    Residence G

    There will be a special French four-course dinner menu priced at RMB488 for two people. The appetizer is pan-fried foie gras, followed by soup and then a main course of vegan risotto or slow cooked beef short ribs. To finish off, a warm melting chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream will be served.

    Aug 25, 5-9pm; RMB488/two people. Residence G


    Shark’s MixC and Futian locations are offering a scrumptious Qixi menu. There’s a couple’s seafood platter for RMB488, a wagyu degustation (RMB498), lobster bisque (RMB98) and much more. Click here to see the full menu.

    Aug 25, 6pm; various prices. Shark


    Wairu River State Red wine is RMB520 a bottle.

    Aug 25, RMB520 for a bottle of Wairu. Terrace

    Wes Fine Dining

    Chef Wesley uses traditional Chinese ingredients, colors and cultural symbols to express love, creating a romantic and creative French fusion meal. Click here to see the full menu. 

    Aug 25-26, RMB1,588/two and also includes one small bottle of wine. Wes Fine Dining.

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    [Cover image via Unsplash]

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