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  • Shenzhen-Macao Ferry Service Resumes

    By Rakini Bergundy, September 9, 2020

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    Starting tomorrow, the Shenzhen-Macao ferry route will finally resume after a seven-month suspension due to COVID-19. The frequency of ships will be gradually increased over the course of the month. 

    From September 10-13, ships will run from Shekou to Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal and the Taipa Ferry Terminal once a day. 

    Image via 招商蛇口郵輪母港/WeChat

    On September 14, routes will run twice a day, then four times a day starting the September 21.

    Those traveling to Shenzhen must have no history of traveling outside of Macao or the Chinese mainland within 14 days before boarding, and present a negative nucleic acid test within the past seven days. All passengers must wear masks while onboard. 

    At this time, foreigners are still not allowed to enter Macao. However, Chinese residents and those holding Hong Kong or Taiwan ID may enter Macao, with specific requirements. 

    Follow Shekou Cruise Homeport’s official WeChat account by typing ‘招商蛇口郵輪母港’ to see the latest schedules.  

    [Cover image via 招商蛇口郵輪母港/WeChat]

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