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  • 3 New China Albums to Listen to This Month

    By Edyth Liu, July 2, 2020

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    Here are three new homegrown albums from musicians around China on our radar this month.

    1. Hoo! By Hoo!

    Music Album China Indie Rock
    Guangzhou-based Hoo! was formed in 2018, quickly distinguishing themselves from contemporaries with their blasting guitar riffs and dynamic vocals. Since their formation, the four young existentialists that make up the band have strived to fuse the DIY spirit of independent rock music with the unique Gen Z attitude of undaunted malleability in their music. Their persistent efforts to express their true selves, especially after signing to Merrie Records (美麗唱片), has given birth to this amazing album – Hoo! This eight-track record is comprised of the impulses, fantasies and the deep emotions of the four members. As seen above, the album cover features the same panda from their last single Bulubulu (布魯布魯) created by Taiwanese artist Nianyin Chen. The albumwork illustrates the parallels between the panda and band’s adventures.

    Click here or scan the QR code to listen:


    2. Whoopee!!! By 眠

    Vaporwave China Music Album
    A collaboration between two rising stars in the Chinese vaporwave scene, the new EP Whoopee!!! features a breakcore-like intensity in the electronic beats and a classic disco retro feeling. This EP is an amazing combination of the wavy melodies that 眠 is known for and the funky rhythms that Cutie* frequently plays. With this EP, some in the audience are speculating that the two may shift away from vaporwave and into the larger realm of electronic dance music. Regardless, the two undeniably make a great combo and are a bright spot in the scene.

    Click here or scan the QR code to listen:


    3. e By 賢者時間

    China Math Rock Music Album
    In Chinese, the term ‘sage time’ is the period of hallow vacancy that one sinks into after a gratification of one’s long-existing desires. Negative emotions that are previously neglected, including those of anxiety, oppression and guilt, manifest themselves – forcing one to think of such things like meaning and animalistic instincts. The seven songs featured in this album fall under the genres of math rock, indie rock and more, all nonetheless bringing a sense of calmness and introspection to the listener. This newly released album is a collection of the band’s compositions from 2013 to 2019, faithfully documenting the phases that the band’s music has gone through, as well as their lives.

    Click here or scan the QR code to listen:


    [Cover image via 賢者時間]

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    3 New China Albums to Listen to This Month

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